Celebrating Female Entrepreneurship: The Impact of Showcasing and Networking

In the world of business, networking and visibility play crucial roles in the success of entrepreneurs, especially for women in industries traditionally dominated by men. At Athena FundX, we recognise the power of showcasing female businesses and facilitating meaningful networking opportunities, as opposed to traditional pitching exercises. Our recent event, the HerMarket Showcase & Awards, […]

Why We Need More Women in Tech Entrepreneurship

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology and entrepreneurship are driving forces for economic growth, innovation, and societal change. However, there remains a significant gender gap in the tech entrepreneurship space. It is imperative that we address this disparity and actively encourage and empower more women to participate in this exciting and transformative field. In […]

5 Easy Ways To Support Female Tech Entrepreneurs

As we are about to celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s important to reflect on the challenges that female tech entrepreneurs face and consider how we can support them. Women still remain underrepresented in the tech industry, particularly in leadership positions and entrepreneurship. According to a report by the National Center for Women and Information Technology, […]

Women Tech Entrepreneurs: The X Factor

The tech startup ecosystem is a vital part of the modern economy, driving innovation and growth in a variety of industries. However, despite the importance of this ecosystem, female entrepreneurs are still underrepresented in the tech startup world. In fact, according to a report from Crunchbase, only 11% of the startups that received funding in […]